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Last updated 16 May 2024
Aurora Park Field 1Open
Kinsellas Field 1Open
Kinsellas Field 2Open
Kinsellas Field 3Closed
Kinsellas Field 4 (formerly NLSC 1)Open
Kinsellas Field 5 (formerly NLSC 2)Open

Referee Resources

Club Refereeing - Miniroos

Apply here:

Football Queensland

1.  Take the online Laws of the Game test (FREE)

This is a free online training module which provides a basic introduction to the Laws of the Game and their interpretations. Successful candidates will receive a certificate identifying they have demonstrated awareness in the Laws of the Game, and have the necessary knowledge to attend the Level 4 Referee course. The online test takes roughly 45 mins.

Click HERE to take the test 

2. Register for a Level 4 Referee course 

Level 4 is the entry level course that will build on your knowledge gained from the Laws of the Game test. The course runs for 5-6 hours and there is no assessment required. You must be a minimum of 13 years old to attend.

3. Club Referee or Football Queensland Referee

You have a choice of refereeing at your Club or for Football Queensland.

To become a Club Referee, you will need to contact the Club Referee Coordinator at your club. Club referees officiate in their club, they are not required to travel to other clubs.

To become a Football Queensland Referee, you will need to register as a referee to Football Queensland.

Click HERE to register through PlayFootball 

New registering referees (someone who has not previously been registered as a referee) will receive from Football Queensland a Referees starter pack and be part of their Teal Shirt initiative. Included in this pack is a Kappa Teal shirt and Navy shorts ans socks, a set of flags, a Fox 40 whistle and card case with yellow and red cards.

Click HERE for more information from Football Queensland 

For any further information contact - 

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