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Last updated 3 Jun 2024
Aurora Park Field 1Open
Kinsellas Field 1Open
Kinsellas Field 2Open
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Kinsellas Field 4 (formerly NLSC 1)Open
Kinsellas Field 5 (formerly NLSC 2)Open


About our 2023 NAIDOC jersey - proudly supplied by Kelme

Our 2023 NAIDOC jersey celebrates this year's theme of "For Our Elders".

The design comes from Robin Conlon "Goma", a proud Kullilli, Koa, Wakka Wakka, Kabi Kabi descendant through bloodline.

The title of the design is "United as one", and tells the story of our new club coming together from 2 clubs to become one club.

"The 2 circles at either end represent the 2 clubs.
The pathways represent their respected journeys and co-joining together as one.
The boomerangs in centre coming together representing the key people to make the merging, unifying and successful.
The boomerangs on the outside, represent the members of the club and also represents the wider community in which the club actively engages in for continual growth of all ages within the sport." - Robin Conlon "Uncle Goma"

2023 NLUFC Playing Jersey

NLU- NAIDOC- 2023- Jersey- Front+ Back

2023 NLUFC GK Jersey

NLU- NAIDOC- 2023- Jersey- Keeper  Gold  Front+ Back 2

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