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Last updated 3 Jun 2024
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2024 Fees and Inclusions

The 2024 Fees will cover all player insurances, referee fees and the price shown is all inclusive including the club apparel that is offered in the table below. There are no extra fees to be paid.  Numbered playing jerseys remain the property of the Club.

The following table will show depending on what age and team you are playing in, will show what is covered with your fees: 2024 Fees and Inclusions

Miniroos (Under 6 to Under 12):
Under 6 & Under 7: $370  (club fee $305.50 plus FQ/FA $64.50)
Under 8 & Under 9: $380  (club fee $315.50 plus FQ/FA $64.50)
Under 10 & Under 11: $395  (club fee $330.50 plus FQ/FA $64.50)
Under 12: $410  (club fee $345.50 plus FQ/FA $64.50)

Metro Divisional Juniors:
Under 13: $430  (club fee $349.50 plus FQ/FA $80.50)
Under 14: $440  (club fee $359.50 plus FQ/FA $80.50)
Under 15: $450  (club fee $369.50 plus FQ/FA $80.50)
Under 16: $460  (club fee $379.50 plus FQ/FA $80.50)
Under 17 Girls: $470  (club fee $389.50 plus FQ/FA $80.50)
Under 18: $470  (club fee $389.50 plus FQ/FA $80.50)

Metro Seniors:
Metro Women $530  (club fee $366 plus FQ/FA $164)
Metro Men $530  (club fee $366 plus FQ/FA $164)

Overage Seniors:
Over 30 Women $450  (club fee $415 plus FQ/FA $35, plus team fee)
Over 35 Men $450  (club fee $415 plus FQ/FA $35, plus team fee)
Over 45 Men $450  (club fee $415 plus FQ/FA $35, plus team fee)

FQ Academy Juniors and FQPL1 Women and FQPL2 Men fees have been advised to those offered positions in teams.

If Divisional MJL (U13-U18) or Development Miniroos (U9-U12) teams are offered, there will be an additional fee for these teams, which will be advised in due course.

Football Queensland uses a third-party payment processor called Stripe.  Stripe charges merchant fees on your fees, which the Club does not receive.
Fee-free payment is available by direct credit to our bank account.  Please contact for more details.

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